Part of the Plan

When asked do I got a plan I tell people I got a plan but I got no plan. I guess that is part of the plan. Yeah, it’s time to come up with a concrete plan and put that plan into action. That is the plan. A young man cannot be full of ambition and have no plan. I don’t know why I cared if people asked me if I got a plan it is not like I’m a share my plans with them. So when asked what is my plan I’m a tell people that my plan is to be a polymath. Just to keep it simple and them out my business. I’m a student of strategy and tactics so I got to make planning a second nature for myself. I do know I need a plan for my goal to not having to work miserable jobs just to make money because my job now has me dying inside. That mean I got to find something I like doing. A profession that I don’t mind the boredom because I know the good times outweighs that. Also, let me not forget the money. I want to this profession to pay me nicely to where I do not have to worry about money.