These past weeks I got polo shirts with the company logo on it and equipment for the business. The equipment was networking tools that deal with hacking and cracking.I’m learning the trade. My server will be going online after I finish with the set up. Plus I need a work station. A nice desk with cool monitors and a dope sound system. Basically I’m still in the start up phase of business. Also it’s more pressure from me to make money. I haven’t made a dollar in over two months. I’m mad for going so long without a source of income. Snap, snap, let’s get this money.
I’m working out the vision I have for Negus. It’s like I can’t explain it to people because they can’t comprehend my vision. I got to show them now at the best of my abilities. The creator of this business is me. Even as I continue to build this business up I know it’s going to take when I sell this business for people to understand my vision.