Supreme Hustler

I’m right back to the drawing board. As in trying to figure out my plan for my business. In order to be the supreme hustler I am, I got to learn this business of mine that I’m in. I am realizing that it’s a difference between being a hustler and an entrepreneur. The hustler is focused on making money and the entrepreneur is focused on building a business. The entrepreneur can be a hustler but most time the hustler doesn’t know how to be an entrepreneur. An example is the car salesman is the hustler and the person that owns the car dealership is the entrepreneur. I got to be more of an entrepreneur. Also, today I had an interview for a job as a valet parking attendant. The crazy thing is I wasn’t upset with myself but was quite happy that I got an interview that quick. I got the job if I pass the drug test. A lot of THC in my system. I’m sure I’ll figure out something.


Applied for Several Jobs

Fuck it! I woke up this morning and thought about my situation of being broke That was enough motivation for me. I went on Indeed and applied for any IT job that I felt like I qualified for. Dame Dash I didn’t mean to fail you like that it’s just that I’m broke. Truth is that I ain’t got no money-making skills. I have been out of work since February 14 of this year and I haven’t made a dollar yet. A nigga over here struggling to pay my bills. I didn’t give up on Negus but I need money coming in. Sucks because I don’t want to go back to an employer. I’m really supposed to stick it out until I find out how I can make money with my company. The thing is time is not on my side when it comes to learning this skill. My bills are coming in way faster than the money. It’s an eye-opener for me. That even with four months of a whole lot of free time I didn’t even find out how to make money. I guess me applying for a job is me going back to what I know.


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Take Action and Make Changes

I wanted to get on here and complain about how tired I am of my job. Then something came to mind. I hate complaining. A person like me feels like a loser when I complain when I know I can take action and make changes. The winners in life are always taking action and making changes. I need to take action and make changes at my job where it is more enjoyable for me. Okay, I’ll put my selfishness to the side. If I can make it not only enjoyable to me but the other employees at this warehouse that a be dope.

You may ask why I don’t quit? It has been times I asked myself why I don’t quit and be happily ever after. Well I have a confession, I don’t know how to make money without a job. I have been 9 to 5 grinding since 16 years old. Working a job is all I know. Which is wild because I’m claiming to be the top hustler. I did try the whole entrepreneur thing once before. I quit my job to be a full-time freelance writer. That did not last long. Bills scared my ass right back into a job. It also did show me that I got to be a better employee for myself. Now I’m almost two years at this warehouse job.

I figured since I’m not ready to jump into the entrepreneur water fully I’ll do it part-time until I have an income that affords me to become full-time. Guess I am at this job until then or I get fired. Maybe even quit. As long as I’m an employee at the warehouse might as well take action to make it more to my liking. Right now it is to they liking and they liking I don’t like. I want to be that employee that does what he please, and I believe that is possible. I just got to use my intellect to make it possible but more importantly using my intellect to become a full-time entrepreneur. I’m enterprising over here baby.

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Fell Into The Nine to Five Trap

Yo, I just got free from this hypnosis. This whole time I thought I was Full-time hustling but I am full-time slaving. My job is a trap. It’s a false hustle, and I have been giving more time to it then to hustling. 

The blame is on me. I got addicted to their money. Slaving for wealth on a wealthy white man dollar. The pay at my job is below my personal minimum wage too. Explains why I frequently have financial shortages.

Don’t get me wrong for I am grateful for what I make. I rather self-employment. Being the boss is better. Let’a not for get I’m a hustler. I just refuse to be broke something this job ensures doesn’t happen. Literary Hustle is a great hustle but it doesn’t get me paid.

The rapper Jeezy said, “You Gotta Believe.” So I’ll start believing self-employment is going to work out better for me. Also that the payout will be a whole lot better than the checks I receive from working the nine-to-five trap.

So I am starting a travel agency. Our Literary Hustle Travel Agency. Our services are traveling to the beautiful island of Haiti this December thru February.  For the great price of $3500 USD you will be able to experience the Haitian Culture, taste the finest Haitian Cuisine, and experience nightlife like no other Caribbean island. If you like the sizzle I accept bitcoin, cash and gift cards.

Got to free me of this nine-to-five trap. I’ll be on the winning end if I get fired or leave.