Creating My Own Job

Every time I write it’s me erasing words because what I’m writing isn’t good enough. I’m a confident person all around but when it comes to this writing my nerves get the best of me. Probably because I got nothing to share. I shared info on me already. I’ll do that again.

Hello, my name is Kilien if you didn’t know. I like making people laugh so I’m working my luck on being a professional humorist. I honestly do nothing. I got a job working for the current world’s richest man. I’m a bottom tier robotics guy but when they don’t need me I’m a picker. Somebody give me a time machine to warn my ancestors that it’s going to change from cotton to iPads. I’ve been doing this square ass slave job going on 2 years. I am creating my own job for me as you read. A job that’s cool, pays well and not too many boring days. This will help also if this writing thing don’t pay much. More about me is I love the ladies and money. My god will protect me from the evils both cause so I ain’t worried. Also, I love technology and science.

This site is my social media. The Literary Hustle is for me to share me. Sharing my thoughts, sharing an insight into my life, and me sharing my point of view. I want to share with y’all my stories. All I ask is be patient as I get better. Not just just better at being a humor writer but better at being a person and at life.


By The Mystery Humorist

Another black man with a few mystery novels and screenplay ideas.