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Fell Into The Nine to Five Trap

Yo, I just got free from this hypnosis. This whole time I thought I was Full-time hustling but I am full-time slaving. My job is a trap. It’s a false hustle, and I have been giving more time to it then to hustling. 

The blame is on me. I got addicted to their money. Slaving for wealth on a wealthy white man dollar. The pay at my job is below my personal minimum wage too. Explains why I frequently have financial shortages.

Don’t get me wrong for I am grateful for what I make. I rather self-employment. Being the boss is better. Let’a not for get I’m a hustler. I just refuse to be broke something this job ensures doesn’t happen. Literary Hustle is a great hustle but it doesn’t get me paid.

The rapper Jeezy said, “You Gotta Believe.” So I’ll start believing self-employment is going to work out better for me. Also that the payout will be a whole lot better than the checks I receive from working the nine-to-five trap.

So I am starting a travel agency. Our Literary Hustle Travel Agency. Our services are traveling to the beautiful island of Haiti this December thru February.  For the great price of $3500 USD you will be able to experience the Haitian Culture, taste the finest Haitian Cuisine, and experience nightlife like no other Caribbean island. If you like the sizzle I accept bitcoin, cash and gift cards.

Got to free me of this nine-to-five trap. I’ll be on the winning end if I get fired or leave.

By The Mystery Humorist

Another black man with a few mystery novels and screenplay ideas.