Fumbling The Blessings and Opportunities of God

I be feeling like I be fumbling the opportunities and blessings from God. Saying this because I see opportunities I want all the time, and yet, I be unprepared for them. When I pray it sound as if I sure am ready. Not going to trip off miss opportunities. It tells me is that I got to be better prepared.

All this because I seen a bronze beauty today that I wasn’t ready to put the Mack down on. I’m with Bun B, and promising never to leave the house without my pimping again. I did not have no conversation but I wanted to talk to her. Get to know her privately. This a big city so the odds of me running into this bronze beauty again are slim. I seen her trying to catch the train. She was noticeable because her friend noticed me first.  I felt eyes on me. I look around and seen two chicks with one looking at me. This was the friend of the bronze beauty looking at me. The friend said something to the bronze beauty. “Girl, look at this fine piece of man walking towards us. One look gonna have you dripping with excitement.” She didn’t say that. Don’t have a single clue what she said to make bronze beauty look. I just know when bronze beauty looked at me I felt she wanted me. Just another one of them missed opportunities.

By The Mystery Humorist

Another black man with a few mystery novels and screenplay ideas.

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