Haiti is a Curious Instance

Haiti is a curious instance, and I want to make that make sense in my head. In Haiti, it’s a struggle for resources. It’s a civil war going within the capital between those fighting for power and money. I’m not educated on this topic like that. This is more of an outside observer looking in at the conflict going on in this black independent nation.

It start with the rise of the former hatian police officer turned gang leader, BBQ. He was able to combine five or more gangs to form one. Not sure why any gang members would want to be under the leadership of police but these Haitians are doing it. BBQ does strike me as a payroll. That striking thought is an assumption.

It was breaking news when the president of the nation got assassinated and his wife was critically shot. The Haiti’s president name was Jouvnel Moise. That news rattled the world. Then finding the culprits for the crime was done quick when they caught former colombian and other nations militia in the country of Haiti. An inside job paid to look like it was done by outside sources.

Then came the rise of another gang which is the 400 Mawazo Gang. Unlike BBQ, who is focused on power, the leader of the 400MG is more focused on money. The 400MG leader has more of a criminal nature than a gurrila politian.

The 400MG leader is a bad man too for kidnapping a group of christian white people but he could of demanded more from them than just money. The demand of 10 million plus dollars was cool didn’t even get fulfilled neither.

Then it’s words that the current prime minster and the step in president are tied to the assassination. Plus the involve meant of Haitian elites and this other stuff. It’s mind boggling.

The truth behind this conflict will come to light to me at least. If it is meant to be shared with the world maybe I won’t. Somebody acurate will tell me without the need for me to do all the research.

By The Mystery Humorist

Another black man with a few mystery novels and screenplay ideas.