I Decided to Resign

After two and a third years working at the warehouse job I decided to resign. It was cool while it lasted. The time for me to leave has come and it’s time to go do better things with myself. Well for me I’ll say cyberpreneur. The comfortability of a weekly check does not suit me anymore. As Jay-Z said, “Nine to five is how you survive, I ain’t tryna to survive I’m tryna live it to the limit and love it a lot.” So dear God I ask that I be the best computer scientist I can be.

The plan right now is getting Negus Computers & Robotics LLC generating revenue. It’s my daily mission to give my all into making this company into a company of great value from products to service. Think about it this way if I can find computers then I can make money. Since I’m starting out my daily goal is to make $200. That will be me banking $1400 a week and $5600 a month. Basically enough to cover bills and expenses. Plus it’s a small goal when they got people making millions daily. As I progress I’ll increase my daily amount.

I’m not going back to working a square job ever again. I’ve seen the lifestyle of a square and it is something no man should settle for. It’s up to me to do cool stuff for a living and make hell of a lot money this way. It’s proving that I am a man of value. I got the skills and training for getting money. Remember I just got to make sure that employment is unnecessary for me.

By The Mystery Humorist

Another black man with a few mystery novels and screenplay ideas.