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I’m Broke Baby

They say in order to solve a problem you have to acknowledge the problem. So here I am, and I am broke. Not Money Making Mitch broke but can these three eggs in my fridge last me until next paycheck broke. I’m so broke I asked the city bus driver for a ride, told him next time I got him. In a matter of months I went from just over broke to broke. Guess I was never far from a financial shortage because I’m right back.

I had the belief that I was in control of my finances. My bank account statements shoot down that belief like an unarmed black man. The reckless spending on food, liquor, and ladies has caught up with me and my money. Do you blame a young dude for trying to live a good life filled with pleasure? No, but I do blame myself for not having enough discipline to put the pleasure to the side for a moment or two. Young Sweet Jones is looking down at me shaking his head right now. I could hear his voice saying, “Stop all that tricking. Purse first, ass last.” Meaning business over pleasure.

Now I got to work on a solution to this personal crisis and making sure that I do not go back to broke once I’ve solved it because being broke sucks. My solution is a hustle or side hustle. A hustle where I can use my skills and talents to generate an extra source of income.  Either a hustle I find or one I create. Something that does not seem like work because I work already and I don’t like that place. Plus getting a hustle would be a great opportunity to learn how to hustle because Lord knows I do not know how to hustle properly.

By The Mystery Humorist

Another black man with a few mystery novels and screenplay ideas.