Computer Science Hustle

Lebron James

Up watching some Lebron James motivation videos. Arguably one of the greatest athlete alive at the moment. The mentally of Lebron James is highly respected in my book. This is a man who strive for greatness every damn day. Lebron James wants to be the greatest basketball player in the world, or he is working on being the greatest basketball player he can be. This man is a top tier person. Watching these videos because I’m elevating my focus and mindset. I can’t do what Lebron James does on the basketball court but I can do it with the computers.

This is where I go into my goals and aspirations. I got to give my all every single day like Lebron James. The man a general and a gentleman on and off the court. You can alway catch The King leading and taking charge. He is alway showing why he is the most valuable player. I aim to be the same way with computers. Like Lebron I want to show that fears and limits are only an illusion. That you can put any obstacle, challenges, or wall in front of me and I’ll get through. My championships would be me get awards for my contributions to computer science and selling computer software and hardware for millions of dollars, if not billions. I know is that it all starts in the mind. I’m here develop my King Mentallly like Lebron James and strive for greatness. Lebron said it best, “You can’t be afraid to fail it’s the only way you succeed.”

By The Mystery Humorist

Another black man with a few mystery novels and screenplay ideas.