Literary Hustle #1

I try not to lie. I said I was going to provide weekly content and I failed to do that. I have no excuses but this is still new to me. I am improving because I am back with another post. Since my first post, I have been busy with one of my hustles, and I took a trip to San Francisco, California.

My hustle is my hustle. Still not doing something I love but I am making money. If you don’t hustle you don’t eat. My next hustle is going to be better than this hustle. Now I am saving up to get a new home. Don’t think I am bragging it just my living situation needs a major upgrade. Saving isn’t my strong habit but I am getting better. Constantly working on improving my financial habits. Right now work on making this hustle experience better.

I took a 6-hour flight from New York to California. The beautiful city of San Francisco is completely different from any city I been too. It was a relaxing feeling, and the relaxing feeling came before I took a pull of the weed. First time in California. I also planned to visit Oakland because the black population in Oakland is decreasing. Want to visit it while it’s still a black city. One of the black cities a person like me want to see. I am the type of person who likes fun and entertainment when I come to your city too; and all that means is have music, fine women, food, and liquor, and a nigga will enjoy himself.

Now I want to be a physicist so I’m going back to school. Yeah, I’m an enroll into college to get me a Physics degree. I heard the sky’s the limit so why not. I got to see Elon Musk reason for this burst of wanting to become a scientist. I want to be able to talk Physics with him. I read Albert Einstein theories but a nigga like me understood nothing Einstein wrote on. Elon Musk also tells bad jokes. It’s basically him saying things in a sarcastic way. Don’t get me wrong his jokes do generates laughs.

By The Mystery Humorist

Another black man with a few mystery novels and screenplay ideas.