Literary Hustle #2

I think I am the only person who is excited about bitcoin. Well I know I am part of a small niche of people who believe in bitcoin. Most people think it is a Ponzi scheme, a scam, or another bubble threatening to cause financial loss to those invested in it. I don’t think that. My thought is that bitcoin is really the currency of the internet. A form of money that is powered by the internet and lives because the internet runs; meaning the only way to stop bitcoin is to shut down the internet. I doubt shutting down the internet will happen especially as the world gets more and more connected to the web. The problem with the bitcoin is that people are not willing to sacrifice the old for the new. The old being government issued bills, debit and credit cards, and checks. This new form of money is completely decentralized. It is not controlled by anybody but the person who owns the bitcoin. Which means if I own 1000 bitcoins, those 1000 are controlled by me and only me. In addition, this form of money keeps you anonymous. So snoopers will have no idea what you do with your money. The concept of cryptocurrency is also hitting the mainstream media. In the ending of the year 2017, the bitcoin was hitting highs of $18,000 and more that gave it public attention. As I write this the value of one bitcoin is $13,000. The wizard of communication, Mark Zuckerburg, is also accepting the bitcoin concept. He plans on releasing his own form of cryptocurrency for his platform Facebook. His coin will be called Libra. The irony of this new coin is that the Winklevoss twins – the ones who sparked the inspiration for Facebook – are major bitcoin investors and own a bitcoin exchange called Gemini. It could explain why Zuckerberg decided to make his own rather than accept the one already available. Not doubting Facebook’s new crypto because Facebook dominates the internet. But I think it is right to accept Bitcoin and join the movement to revolutionize the way we use money. I accept bitcoins. If anybody wants to make a payment to me in bitcoin go head. I am still thinking of a hustle to make bitcoin because as the world continues to move in this direction it is going to be possible to make purchases with bitcoin from almost anywhere in the world. So you should be thinking about this change too.

By The Mystery Humorist

Another black man with a few mystery novels and screenplay ideas.