Literary Hustle Introduction

Hello Internet, and welcome to Literary Hustle! My name is Kilien D. St. Jacques the owner of this blog here. Literary Hustle is an outlet for getting my writing out to the world. I am a literary hustler. You may be asking what is a literary hustler? Well, it’s a cool way to say, a writer. That is what I am, a writer, but I am a hustler too. I’m literally hustling my writing.

Literary Hustle is here to bring entertainment for readers. I have proclaimed myself as a humorist so most of my writing will have humor in it. If you fail to laugh at my writing don’t blame me but blame your sense of humor. I will be consistent with the content, posting at least once a week. Content that will be uploaded will be jokes, stories, things that get me mad and other things. So I am asking for you to share if you like the content.

A little bit about me is that I am tall, dark, and handsome. I am a magnet to money, money loves me. I also like to flirt with ladies and tell a lot of jokes. I was awarded a class clown during my time in high school. I did go to university to pursue a journalism career but dropped out after three semesters. Although I say I am a writer I want to be more than just that. Figured if Benjamin Franklin can be more than one thing I can too. Two life goals I don’t mind sharing: to live the best life I can live and to make a lot of money. If I make a lot of money off this blog I’ll like to thank you in advance but that is not my focus with Literary Hustle.

In my best Curtis Mayfield rendition, I’m your pusherman. Enjoy!

By The Mystery Humorist

Another black man with a few mystery novels and screenplay ideas.