The Black Dollar

Banking Black

Thinking about banking black. That means putting my money into a black bank. Banking with somebody because of the color of there skin is some ass backward shit. So I want to pair with the best so I don’t be ass backwards. Also, is why I’m a still keep my current bank account. I don’t know shit about banks but the bank I use convinced me they are a bank. Black bankers step forward and kick it to me why it’s best to bank with you. Black bankers I know it is a true money master among you so show me your skills and talents. Or I am the money master ready to make banking black great. 


World-Class Mack

When I tell you I’m a world-class Mack it’s because I am. The world’s top notch ladies want to get with me. I’m talking about actresses, models, madams, singers, executives, Queens and so many other ladies. These are fine and intellectual dimes I deal with, and they like when a man like me spend a little time. Come on, my game a snatch Beyoncé up if she was single and ready to mingle. You under dig that. Sure I can talk a chick into making rivers and causing puddles. That’s why they call me Minute man. But I do feel as if any man can do that. My gift as a world-class Mack is something special that ladies just love. It’s what I call my mojo.



Pushing through the city streets. Up at this time hustling. It’s crazy we get hungry for this money and go stupid to get it. I must be going dumb. That’s is why I am beyond money being my main motivation. Sure this means I got to find new motivations. Haven’t gotten any for you yet. I’m still a hustler at the end of the day so money is my motivation. Those is the blues I sing. Back to the pushing.



I’m back with more writing. Folks it has been a while but I need to obtain my groove as a writer. I be the literary hustler, and how may I be of value to you? A jack of all trades. A modern day polymath. I’m here for the pleasures of life. Well for now I want to see if I can find my voice as a writer. Also to make some income as a writer. I’m a lucky bastard so I know I’ll get that done. A magnet to money I am. Money always chasing me down to work with me. I don’t take all money but most money good in my hands.


A Poem for the Chick With the Moon Tattoo on Her Back

Yo, I wrote a poem. A real simple and corny poem. This poem is dedicated to this beautiful lady I don’t think I’ve ever spoken too. Also means I don’t know her name but I do know she got a little cute moon tattoo on her back. It’s a shame on me because I’m always ready to mack a chick down. Especially if I thought about dicking her down.  Seeing her makes “Come & Talk to Me” by Jodeci plays in my head. Maybe one day I’ll get over the butterflies and speak to this beauty.

The Poem :

Excuse me for being meek,
But the look of you makes me weak.
Your beauty a pleasant sight,
It’s like the moon in a starlit night.


Increase My Value

This question has been pondering my mind lately. The question I’ve been asking myself is how do I increase my value? Honestly, it would be better if my value goes up. At my status as a multi-thousandaire, I got my studio, food in the fridge, and can afford somethings. But I want my value to go up. So I’m going to hustle more for myself.

So to increase the value for myself I decided to flip the Literary Hustle into my side hustle. I haven’t made a dollar writing yet, and I been doing this since 2017. It can’t be my main hustle because it hasn’t generated an income. So as it becomes my side hustle I’ll use whatever free time to improve on the writing craft.

My new main hustle will be cybersecurity. Don’t know if I’ll speak about it anymore after this. Choosing this hustle will give me the opportunity to learn a skill or skills. My plan is to have an operational cybersecurity firm by the 14th of April of 2025. I’m choosing this route because this industry is growing at a large rate because of the increase in cybercrime and the need for people to protect their assets online. Let’s not forget it is where the money is at. Plus I do believe my first millions are going to come from the cyber world. Now it’s finding what I do the best compared to everybody else in this industry. Right now the answer is nothing because I’m a cool level 2 noob in this industry. 

Last but not least the podcast is on the way. The big homie, Scrooge, and I are going to make noise in the late-night podcast realm. We just working on a name to use. I think we should call our podcast the Kings of Cool Podcast. No lie,  we are going to be the number 1 voice of urban podcast media. We already got a few episodes recorded. 


Tales of Melvin Lovegood: The Freaky Co-Worker

One day an attractive female co-worker of mine offered me a ride home. She reminded me of a young Meagan Good. I’m talking Meagan Good in Stomp the Yard. We started talking because I liked the type of car she drove. Her car was a navy blue Dodge Charger, which was nice seeing a lady drive a car packed with power. Plus she was one of them sex loving freaky co-workers. I took the offer for the ride. This was better for me than paying an Uber 10 dollars to get home.

I didn’t stay far from the job but to be sure I gave her the address to my house to put into her GPS. That did stop her from asking me which way to go. I was adjusting her radio to some better music. Ladies most of the time listen to terrible music in the car. It was white people pop music. She didn’t like that I was touching her radio but I didn’t like the music.

As we approach my place she hinted that she needed to use the bathroom. Me being a gentleman I told her she could use the bathroom at my studio. We pulled up to the house, and she parked the car. We both get out. I’m feeling a little nervous and anxious because I rarely have guests visit my palace. She compliments the house and the neighborhood, and I tell her thanks. I pull my keys out and unlock the door. I open the door and we walk in. We are instantly hit by the smell of weed which was coming from the neighbors. Humorously I said welcome to mi casa.

I lead her to my bathroom and head to the living room to relax. She had the faucet on as she used the bathroom. This could be a chick thing but I do not know. I turned on the TV and put on my house slippers.

The faucet goes off and she opens the bathroom door. I am not paying her any attention. She walks into my bedroom. She asks me was this the room I bring all the ladies too. I reply jokingly: yeah, that is where I channel my sexual energy to give the ladies the top 5 fucking of their life. Mine you, I’m still in the living room watching the TV. She then goes on to ask me to channel that energy on her. I reply get out of my room. She says: for real, come give me that top 5 fucking of my life.

Now I get up off the couch and walk into my bedroom. I find this chick laying on my bed playing with her pussy. She was only in her t-shirt and panty. Her legs were spread apart and her knees up to the ceiling.  I watched her as she slowly and peacefully pleasured herself on my bed. It was surprising to see this. My penis is starting to elevate because of the view. We made eye contact. She asked me was I only going to stare or am I going to pull my dick out to fuck her good.

I was ready to fuck the bitch but the pimp in me made me walk out of the room. I headed back to the living room to watch more TV. Come on, I smelt like work and was sure she did too. I told her to feel free to finish but I’m a go enjoy this beer and TV.

She was upset. She asked me was I not going to fuck her. It is not that I didn’t want too but I did not expect too. I only wanted a ride home. So I told her: I am but not today and also I smelt like work. This bitch was persistent and asked if she could suck my dick. I told her if she could take the smell of my cock and balls go-ahead. She told me to pull them out. I did what she said.

As I sat on the couch I pulled my pants down and took my dick out the slip of my boxers as I spread my legs apart. She got on her knees right in front of me. I could tell my dick was amazing looking to her. Not to be arrogant most chicks are amazed by its sight. She gave my penis the gaze of desire then puckered her lips right onto my shaft. She completely ignored the smell of my dick.

The skills of this girl mouth left me speechless. This girl gave me a blowjob like no other. Her mouth slipping and sliding all over my dick. The tongue of hers twirling on the head of my penis. Then she would back her mouth away from the penis for a quick second, ptooey, lubing my dick up with the spit from her mouth.  After that go right back to sucking.

The look of enjoyment and lust in her eyes was sexy. One more look into the eyes I knew I would explode so I gave my eye attention to the TV.

She held my dick up with one hand and went to pleasuring my balls. This chick was treating my testicles like a Blow Pop. In addition, she was multitasking because as she sucked she jerked my dick with her hand.

My legs were trembling with joy. I grabbed her by the chin to bring her back to the dick. I had to bring her back because my legs shaking made me feel vulnerable. She goes to sucking again, and we make eye contact. I am ready to cum. So I shot my load into her mouth. She looks happy that I did that. She opens her mouth to expose the cum and some fall out her mouth. This bitch catches it with her hand before the cum hit the floor. Then she swallows the rest that was in her mouth and licks her hand clean.

“Amazing” was my reply to her incredible head. So I kissed her on her forehead for her good job. She gets off her knees and puts on her pants. Then she goes to the bathroom to clean herself up. I put my pants back on. She comes out of the bathroom. I walked her out. I told her have a good day but before I could close the door she told me I owed her a fucking. Ignoring her statement. I closed the door and went to go shower.


I am a Nice Guy

A famous quote from an unknown source says, “nice guys finish last.” I am a nice guy and I don’t want to finish last. I’m not being nice because I expect some type of reward but because it is human decency. It is nothing wrong with being kind, polite, and compassionate. This dean at my old middle school taught me it was better to kill people with kindness instead of getting red hot mad. Well, Mr. Dean, this killing people with kindness shit is not working for me anymore.

I am ready to swing my palm, with my five fingers spread out, across grown men’s faces. You better believe that palm will be coming full force. Honestly, I don’t want to get violent with people but I’ve realized a punch to the face a teach a man a lesson. That lesson would be don’t fuck with me.

I fear no man and I’m always up to fight anybody but I do try to avoid confrontation. Me trying to avoid confrontation is where the problem is for me because I do sense people know that. So they keep pushing until my bottled up frustration turns into wrath.

An example is this dude at the job who keeps talking to me like he cannot stand me. I don’t know the reason why he cannot stand me but he just doesn’t like me. Well, recently I went up to him and asked for some help. He starts talking to me like I am stupid. I had to remind buddy that outside of these work walls he is not protected.

Don’t get me wrong, I want to continue being nice but it is people that have to meet the unpleasant side of me. Violence will not be my first option but it’s one of the high possibility options now. Just no more bottling up emotions from me anymore. If I feel as if I am being disrespected I will kindly ask the disrespecter to step behind the building in the proximity. Or I’m catching that person in a surveillance-free zone. Somebody got to prove to people not all nice guys finish last. Some of us play to win.


Is This Life for the Modern Man?

I would have thought my life would be me constantly evading danger, bedding beautiful women, and profiting off of every opportunity that comes my way. Well, my life is not that at all. My life is going to work at this warehouse and go back home. It’s pretty boring. I’m not saying evading danger and bedding women are all I can think of as fun but it would be better than spending hours upon hours on Xbox.

Like today was my day off. My schedule was me waking up at 2 in the afternoon. I did brush my teeth and wash my face then I played Grand Theft Auto for hours. Then I switched over to Youtube and spent hours watching videos. Let me add the three brief intermissions I took to go rub one out to whatever excited me in the ebony section on Pornhub. Is this life for the modern man? I hope not because I am fed up.

What is wild about all this is that I should be giving my energy to finishing this pre-calculus class so I can get back into school. Or this podcast that I am starting with the big homie. Yet these things are getting no priority in my things-to-do list. I should focus on how these things would help improve the quality of my lifestyle. Yes, I need to improve my lifestyle. Plus I need to put this side hustle idea into action.


Get Money and Fuck Bitches

Do you know what stays on my mind besides ways to get the money? Sex, sex, and more sex! Like where the bitches at? My thinking is to get money and fuck bitches. I can’t tell you where I learned these values but it’s all a young dude knows. The thing is I’m barely getting to the money and I don’t have bitches. I mean ladies because I want to be more gentleman like.
Come on, I can’t remember the last time I got some pussy or even something as simple as taking a lady on a date. I do remember a chick taking me to a bar, and five shots of Jack Daniels later we are in the backseat of her car fucking in somebody’s neighborhood. Don’t get me wrong for I’ve had ladies in the past but I do not like thinking about the past unless it’s a valuable lesson there. Other than that I’m in the moment thinking about ways to better my future.
I did learn more people then I expect assume that the ladies are flocking my way to drop off the moist slit between their legs. People better understand I’m more like the average man. Trying to show that one special girl why I think she is special. Most of the times it has nothing to do with sexing them up but forming a connection. I guess because I’m handsome and funny with a smile that can take the place of a star in the night sky they think I’m the ladies man. Perception is not reality folks.