Increase My Value

This question has been pondering my mind lately. The question I’ve been asking myself is how do I increase my value? Honestly, it would be better if my value goes up. At my status as a multi-thousandaire, I got my studio, food in the fridge, and can afford somethings. But I want my value to go up. So I’m going to hustle more for myself.

So to increase the value for myself I decided to flip the Literary Hustle into my side hustle. I haven’t made a dollar writing yet, and I been doing this since 2017. It can’t be my main hustle because it hasn’t generated an income. So as it becomes my side hustle I’ll use whatever free time to improve on the writing craft.

My new main hustle will be cybersecurity. Don’t know if I’ll speak about it anymore after this. Choosing this hustle will give me the opportunity to learn a skill or skills. My plan is to have an operational cybersecurity firm by the 14th of April of 2025. I’m choosing this route because this industry is growing at a large rate because of the increase in cybercrime and the need for people to protect their assets online. Let’s not forget it is where the money is at. Plus I do believe my first millions are going to come from the cyber world. Now it’s finding what I do the best compared to everybody else in this industry. Right now the answer is nothing because I’m a cool level 2 noob in this industry. 

Last but not least the podcast is on the way. The big homie, Scrooge, and I are going to make noise in the late-night podcast realm. We just working on a name to use. I think we should call our podcast the Kings of Cool Podcast. No lie,  we are going to be the number 1 voice of urban podcast media. We already got a few episodes recorded.