Cyber Warfare Log: #9 Plug In

Taking it safe and slow is counterproductive. The results are not enough. Actually, there are no results. Haven’t even picked my first target. It’s a lot of thinking going on, and that excess thinking is wasting my time. As an urban proverb goes, ain’t no such thing as halfway crooks. Don’t mistake me for a shook one. But too much thinking can create fear that can deteriorate motivation and confidence. My self-confidence and motivation are needed to be the greatest cyberwarfare general to connect to the world wide web. The Digital Warlord must charge forward with bold action. It’s time for me to plug in fully, and naviagate like a G with no feeling. Picking a target from the growing number of hackers, scammers, fraudsters, kingpins, cyber gangsters, and white-collar criminals will come easy with action. Plus it can’t be that hard taking down 100 hackers and making $10,000,000 in cryptocurrency by the end of the year.

Humor Hustle

The Professional Driver

I am back. The Literary Hustler the known front runner. Here to give you the best writing I can give you at the moment. I’ll start off by letting you know it’s all good, man.

I recently learned how to drive a manual transmission. It took me long enough. Can you believe it, I am a professional driver who did not know how to drive stick shift. But not often am I asked to drive a manuel. It’s mostly automatic transmission.

I do recommand everyone to learn how to drive stick shift. To me its fun. Also it’s driving, and driving is engaging. Maybe, or maybe not, I’ll reach that age where I don’t want to drive no more but for now my foot is on the gas.

Like I said I am a professional driver. If you are paying right, get ready for the drive of your life. I do accept bitcoin or cash. I’m nothing like your average driver. Sometimes you get Hoke Colburn, or Frank Martin (heard he calls himself Shaw now), or Brain O’ Conner but in the end you get me. I only know that I am good at what I do, and if somebody tells you the same they’re telling the truth.


Novice Humorist

Like any great writer, I am starting off as a novice. That means I don’t know if my writing is funny or not. I’m just equipt with a positive mindset. So I only believe what I am writing falls into the category of humor. Plus as they say, anything worth doing is worth doing poorly at first. Besides me saying I am a humorist nothing really qualifies me for the job. I could say I’m a funny muthafucker but you all don’t know that, and I only think I am funny because people love to say I am, especially the ladies. The compliment from the ladies usually comes in a flirtatious tone after the love tap. Also, the world is filled with funny people. I think most people living will get the remark, “you’re so funny.” Let’s not forget the internet. and how it is fueling everybody who has an inspiration to be a comedian. I guess I am part of the dime of dozen. All I say is hop on Twitter to see the millions of people using their 240 characters to generate a laugh. If I had twitter I probably would be among that mass group of people.