Novice Humorist

Like any great writer, I am starting off as a novice. That means I don’t know if my writing is funny or not. I’m just equipt with a positive mindset. So I only believe what I am writing falls into the category of humor. Plus as they say, anything worth doing is worth doing poorly at first. Besides me saying I am a humorist nothing really qualifies me for the job. I could say I’m a funny muthafucker but you all don’t know that, and I only think I am funny because people love to say I am, especially the ladies. The compliment from the ladies usually comes in a flirtatious tone after the love tap. Also, the world is filled with funny people. I think most people living will get the remark, “you’re so funny.” Let’s not forget the internet. and how it is fueling everybody who has an inspiration to be a comedian. I guess I am part of the dime of dozen. All I say is hop on Twitter to see the millions of people using their 240 characters to generate a laugh. If I had twitter I probably would be among that mass group of people.