The Negus Electronic Army

I felt like coming back and talking about the fictional cyber gang I thought about starting. The Negus Electronic Army would be the coolest cyber gang on the World Wide Web. The Gang would be a culture phenomenon. We would be tied to the internet like porn is tied to the internet. Don’t compare us to no Anonymous neither because we not to activist. We would be strictly criminals that are in it for the money. Come on we would have a monopoly on the dark market. No drug dealer, scammer or hacker would be able to make money unless they give us a portion. I’m saying at least 7 percent on all illicit activities on the net.

Back to my offline life. I want to know how to strike fear into people with only a look. I’ve came across people like that. They got an aroma of danger around them. It makes people unease and uncomfortable. I don’t want everybody to be comfortable around me. I be wanting people to fear me sometimes so I don’t got to act. Don’t confuse it with making people paranoid to be around me but have people sense I’m a dangerous man. Maybe I’ll develop that with time as I develop my skills. What they say, “you got to work smarter not harder and work harder on being smarter.”

By The Mystery Humorist

Another black man with a few mystery novels and screenplay ideas.