I Think About Death

I’m scared to die. I think about death a lot of times. It’s like the thought of my mortality comes up randomly during the day. Days I be scared of the afterlife not knowing if I’ll be good enough to fit into heaven or evil enough to survive hell. These are places they say everybody are suppose to spend eternity. Don’t know if I believe it too much. It be days I think about not being able to accomplish my goals and aspirations. Or even just losing everything I own. I seen the meme of the U-Haul not following the hearse. Then it’s days I think I might be a light in people life. So if I die they might be overwhelmed by darkness. Selfish of me to think that way. Death gives me a fear that shakes my soul. Death will come. I know because I’m a warrior, and death is guarantee for warriors. I just ask myself when I face death that I smile. Just to let death know that it is an honor and I am happy to be here. So don’t get mad at me for fighting to live when you think it is me living to fight.

By The Mystery Humorist

Another black man with a few mystery novels and screenplay ideas.