Toxic Masculinity

I might have to clarify this but I just learned that toxic has to do with toxic masculinity. People all on Facebook talking toxic this and toxic that. Then making the rapper Future the face of the toxic all go back to toxic masculinity. If you are not hip you might not understand this. Remember I don’t write for the uncool, and I won’t start now. The new masculinity that has been promoted by women for centuries has caught on like wildfire because of the internet. Well, it is boring to this new age of women. Fellas these women aren’t into these new-age men that are out here in this world. Sure they might make good role models, fathers, and husbands but women don’t want that. That is why toxic is popping. Most like the idea of the perfect gentleman and the Disney princess idea. Until a Jack Badass steps into the building and they forget about Charming Fortuna. The whole toxic masculinity was a feminist attack tool for men to start playing fair, and women saying they like toxic is their attempt at stopping the feminist. These feminists want men to play fair but men don’t play fair. That’s why men do things to be stronger, richer, or famous so they can have an advantage. Masculinity will evolve into something better but some aspects of being a man women don’t want to see leave. Being toxic isn’t me.

By The Mystery Humorist

Another black man with a few mystery novels and screenplay ideas.